Run up to Christmas!

This year my Husband and i decided to start the Christmas shopping early, and for us this is earlier then we have ever started before, we normally start a few weeks into December and then we’re running around in the last few days before Christmas trying to finish off getting all the presents and food in before Christmas hits!

So far we have finished 99% of all the presents for family and friends which leaves us with a few more for family, our Cat and then each other, my problem this year is i have absolutely no idea what to get him! whenever i ask all i get told is: Steam Voucher or The Elder Scrolls Anthology. so hes being no help at all as i got him The Anthology last year! im hoping i get some inspiration soon.

The reason we started early is we’ve had a crap year so we wanted to have a stress free Christmas and so far so good, but that doesn’t include putting up all the decoration come December, so here’s hoping that our Christmas is stress free!


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