A Long Week

Last week was very busy for us, we were out pretty much everyday which involved a lot of walking.
We had 3 celebrations during the week aswell, it all started with Sunday where we celebrated 10 years together! I know 10 years WOW! we had a nice quiet night in watching films.

Then the week officially started, our week started with us walking from the center of town to the Quays Swimming and Diving Complex for an appointment with Active nation, the next few days consisted of walking to and from our local Tesco’s for various reasons, we were at Millbrook Library for our weekly volunteer on Wednesday where we helped find books that were to be moved to a different branch, also on Wednesday i celebrated 6 months recovery from my heart operation.
Thursday was a nice quite day in for us i woke to my legs badly aching from all the walking we had done i haven’t walked so much since my operation back in May.
Friday was housework day we spent most of the morning tidying the flat doing a spot of cleaning and doing the hoovering ready for when our friend came over on Saturday.
Saturday arrived with us looking forward to seeing our friend who we hadn’t seen in a while, she turned up at her normal time eagerly awaiting the Spaghetti Bolognese we promised her, after she arrived we had a nice catch up then it was decided that we were going to go out to a club to celebrate 1 Year without Alcohol for Terry, so while she nipped home to grab her make up, shoes and a change of clothes we made a start on dinner, we enjoyed a nice relaxed dinner while watching American Dad that she had found on TV, after dinner we changed, did our hair and make up and made a move to town.

We arrived with in town with the intention of going to Cafe Parfait to find that they had a leak and were not opening for another hour, so we had to find somewhere else to have a drink for an hour or so we decided on Goblets Wine Bar where we sat and enjoyed a few bottles of Becks Blue, after an hour of waiting we made our back to the club and used our vouchers to gain free entry! we then grabbed a drink each or for me and Terry we shared a Mocktail (Non alcoholic cocktail) which was very tasty and we all made our way to the upper floor seating to find it wet and cold, we stayed for another drink each and by then we’d had enough and went home.
We got in and our friend treated us to pizza and we sat watching Shaun of the Dead while munching on Pizza after which we noticed the time and seeing as how we were all tired we called it a night.

Sunday was just a lazy day for us we stayed in the warm and dry i was watching a few series and Terry was on the PC.
So all in all our week was a very busy one! This week we have a few things on but not as busy as last week thankfully.


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