I love reading I always have for as long as I can remember, I got into reading at a young age mainly because my dad is a massive reader he’s always got at least one book on the go! I did go a few years where I barely read but then I met my Mother in Law who told me about the books she likes to read which got my interest so she lent me book 1 in a series and it was all downhill from there!
Since that day my book collection has expanded to 2 shelves with 2 books deep on each shelf, with several authors and a lot of series, if I were to count how many books I own im guessing there would be over 100 and that doesn’t include all the books I have on Fairies or on the Kindle!!
I mainly read Urban Fantasy books but I do have some Young Adult series and 2 Crime series, well 1 Adult Mystery and 1 Crime/Urban Fantasy.
Below are my Top 5 Authors and the series of theirs that i have read and have enjoyed.

Kelley Armstrong:
– Otherworld Series – 13 books in total in this Adult Paranormal Suspense series
– Darkest Powers Series – 3 Book in total this was Kelley’s first Teen Urban Fantasy series
– Darkness Rising Series – 3 Books in total also a Teen Urban Fantasy series
– Nadia Stafford Series – 3 Books in total her only Adult Mystery series
– Cainsville Series – 2 books so far in her Modern Gothic series, book 3 is out in August 2015
– Age of Legends Series – 1 Book so Far in her Young Adult Epic Fantasy series, book 2 is out in April 2015 and book 3 is still in the works

Keri Arthur:
– Riley Jenson Guardian Series – 9 Books in total- Dark Angel Series – 6 Books so far, Book 7 and final in the series is out 2nd December this year!
– Ripple Creek Werewolf Series – 2 Books in total
– Nikki and Michael Series – 4 Books in total
– Myth and Magic Series – 2 Books in total
– Souls of Fire Series – 1 Books so far, Book 2 is out sometime in 2015
Keri Arthur does have a few other series but I haven’t read them, if or when i do read them I’ll add them to the list.

Yasmine Galenorn:
– Otherworld Series – 15 Books so far, Book 16 is out in the UK 4th December this year, Book 17 is due out in the UK 27th January 2015 and Book 18 is due out sometime in 2015
– Indigo Court Series – 5 Books in total
Yasmine Galenorn does have a few other series out but I have not read them.

Laurell K Hamilton:
– Anita Blake Series – 24 Books so far, Book 25 is out 2nd December this year, i have only read up to book 4 so far but am planning on reading the rest when i finish getting them all!
– Merry Gentry Series – 9 Books that I know of not sure if she’s writing more in this series will just have to wait and see, I also haven’t finished reading this series I’ve only read the first 2 books so far but am planning on reading the rest.

Kim Harrison:
– Madison Avery – 3 Books in total
– The Hollows Series – 12 Books so far, Book 13 is out 28th April 2015, so far I’ve only just started this series but I do have most of the books ready to be read.

Well that’s my top 5 authors and a list of their series that I have read or am currently reading, it was difficult to pick just 5 so here are some other authors I love to read:

Trina M Lee
Lori Handeland
Ilona Andrews
Kayalna Price
Jaye Wells
C L Wilson

If you have read any of these authors which series are your favourite? and can you recommend any authors you like? I’d love to hear from you about your favourite authors.

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